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Production Capacity

More than 50 000 square meters of modern plants was built by Maohuat according to GMP standard, with constant temperature & humidity and clean workshop.(based on GMP standard, completed with Clean Plant System & constant temperature and humidity equipment.) Besides, we brought in 280 sets of advanced production & packing equipments and detecting instruments. The available production lines reach 12, including crackers (biscuits), confectionery, cakes, mooncakes and prunes (12 sets for products such as biscuits, candies, cakes, mooncake and prunes). All of which are of big scale.(We have a big scale of production capacity.) The daily output of crackers (biscuits) is up to 50 tons. For mooncakes 500, 000-600,000 pieces, while confectionery 30 tons. Total yearly output exceeds 10 billion. (is up to 50 tons of biscuits, 500,000 to 600,000 pieces of mooncakes and 30 tons of candies. Annual output exceeds 10 billion.)

R&D Ability

Maohuat pays special attention to the R&D of products. (Maohuat always focuses on products R&D.) With huge investment into scientific research infrastructure construction, we established a modern foodstuff (food) research center in 1998, equipped with various of advanced experimental and analytical instruments for R&D. Through about 10 years of hard efforts, we gradually established a relatively mature technology innovative mechanism. Nowadays a planned product development system of “production - preparation - R&D - conception” has formed. Furthermore, in order to improve our strength and accelerate R&D speed (progress) , we cooperate with South China University of Agriculture, South China University of Technology, Wuxi Light Industry University and Shantou University for ages. Also technology exchanges (communication) and cooperation are held between well-know professional foodstuffs (food) research organizations, comprehensive foodstuffs(food) companies and us. There are 20 persons all together in our R&D center, including (among them) 2 doctors、8 masters and 10 bachelors.

Maohuat R&D center has a research laboratory, pilot test laboratories, analytical laboratories, technology design office, software development office to form a complete and perfect scientific research and service environment, possess the function of engineering design, packaging design, software development, a small pilot study, pilot scale test , academic communications, operation training and on-site analysis, etc. enhance the cooperation and technological development with South China Agricultural University, South China University of Technology, Jiangnan University and other major domestic research institutions. Absorb domestic and foreign renowned experts and scholars to participate in technology development or engineering center technical guidance actively, train and cohere the high-level academic leader and the expert management personnel, with the feature of a wide field of vision technology and high starting point of research.On the basis of the introduction of technology and independent study, carry through the research achievement into the engineering research and development continuing, and provide the sophisticated process, technology, equipment,as well as to bring out the new products; The center has gradually developed into a research and development platform for domestic candy preserves and baking.

Quality Control

"Continuous improvements to satisfy customer's desire" is the tenet of Quality Policy in Maohuat. Central Laboratory, Document Control Centre , Team of Quality Assurance, Team of Quality Monitoring are set for Quality Management System. To make sure that our products are 100% qualified, the system supervise quality control, quality planning, quality fluctuation, evaluation of raw material supplier, process variation and process detection under scientific rigor.We firmly believe that top quality makes first-grade enterprise. First-grade quality is depending on continuous improvements of Quality Management System. Our continuous concentration on quality improving is motivated by the satisfaction of our customers.




Our comprehensive quality scheme brings

you foods which are healthy and tasty.

Within clean factory buildings, Maohuat Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. achieves international standards of hygienic safety and high production capacity by computer automated production facilities from Europe and Japan.Their production process complies with multiple accreditation systems in GMP, HACCP, QS, ISO and HALAL, and rigidly Control temperature, air, pressure, humidity and environmental cleanness. All operating personnel have to pass through health and safety training as well as physical examination, and actually execute relevant procedures, such as 5S Campaign, in order to assure product hygiene and best taste.